About Me



Thank you for visiting my web page. I’m a Cardiff based woodturner using traditional and modern techniques. I started woodturning after becoming tired of my main job working in IT – I wanted to create something that was real using my own hands. The way the grain and natural features present themselves will often direct you into what the item will become – I have started work with 1 finished project in mind only to make something completely different because of the way the wood was ‘talking to me’. I see my goal to keep the soul of the wood and bring out it’s features into an item which will be both pleasing to look at, handle and be useful for many, many years. This is totally different to working with computers……. after all – if you have a power cut then your work doesn’t exist whereas a hand turned item will always be there.  My work ranges across a number of styles and I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting projects to become involved in. I do runs of items for sale and bespoke 1 off’s for people.

My work range so far as included:

Pens, bowls, natural edge hollow forms, vases, wood stemmed wine and champagne glasses, light pulls, ornaments, clocks, candle holders plus more.

I tend to work with a mixture of local and exotic woods – choosing the piece that will suit the finished item the best. I like to specialise in burr/burl woods due to their fascinating grain structure.


Why not visit my online shop at: Woodyturning.etsy.com